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Download Aimera APK – take pictures of the moments you love, and selfies with the people you love. aimera – love me more!

aimera apk

Features to Download Aimera APK

  • filter camera 
    want a filter camera that helps you take better selfies and pictures?
    choose from aimera’s 140+ real-time filters:
    aimera has soft filters for selfies, and vivid filters for photography.
    no need for editing afterwards, and the filters look amazing! 
  • customized camera 
    express yourself with aimera’s custom camera shutter button:
    you can change the shutter according to your style!
    enjoy decorating your camera and taking selfies with your own shutter. 
  • silent camera
    take a selfie wherever you go with aimera’s silent camera.
    quiet coffee shops, public places, libraries, at work – photography anywhere, and it’s silent!
    with aimera’s silent mode, there’s no need to hold back.
  • trendy stickers
    follow the latest trends with aimera’s stickers, updated every season!
    after you take a picture with aimera’s filters, you can decorate it with stickers.
    choose a sticker and drag to move it, and use multi-touch to re-size! 
  • easy sharing
    share your selfies and photography with your friends!
    it’s quick and easy to upload aimera pictures to any social media, directly from the camera!
    show off your pictures anywhere, anytime.
  • aimera’s key features:
    – over 140 real-time filters, for both selfies and photography
    – stickers, updated frequently
    – silent mode camera for selfies anywhere
    – optimized for sharing to social media
    – custom camera shutter button

Download Aimera APK Free for Android, PC or Windows

Aimera APK Download Free

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