Uplift 1.00 APK

A 3D puzzle platformer game set in a fantasy world. The first chapter of the Skylander saga, Uplift will lead you in a startling adventure across a series of levels which will challenge both your wits and your reflexes.

Take control of your own airship and help professor Flugen and his crew search for the rare heltrogen gas, the precious element which can save their floating city.


Uplift 1.00 APK
Uplift 1.00 APK
Uplift 1.00 APK

What’s in this version
– shorter loading times
– up to 25% better performance on all devices
– better support for tablets
– smaller and cleaner UI
– some textures and materials have been updated
– an arrow that indicates the player’s objective to make things easier for everyone
– and other numerous small bugs fixes

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You can directly download Uplift 1.00 APK for Android from the download button given below –

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