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Fight against adorable but deadly Zoombies animals in Zoombie Digger! 

The zoombie animals have got their passports and are flying to the United States, Australia, Russia, Mexico. You must defend these countries from this cute but terrible invasion!

Zoombie bears, hedgehogs, moose, piranhas, and many more are coming on foot, on skateboards, and even on rockets and it’s up to you to stop them from getting to your house. Grab your shovel, lasers, slingshot and any other weapon you can find to defend yourself!


Zoombie Digger APK
Zoombie Digger APK
Zoombie Digger APK

What’s in this version
– Surprise event! It is the clear display of charity and humanism – USA levels are FREE for a limited time!
– Another good news is possibility to save Zoombie Digger on your SD card.

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